She E.O.'s Vision


Our vision is to bring like minded women together so that we might grow, work and learn from each other’s experiences.


We believe that as corporate women, we can be great in our areas of expertise but also still have and maintain healthy homes/families!

She E.O. is an organization that was founded by women for women! A She E.O. is a women who is focused on bringing her purpose and vision to life all while understanding that she has many other hats that she wears day to day! A She E.O is also a woman who is gentle and respectful with the women she encounters, she is full of passion and empowers others to become their best selves as well! She is eager to gain the knowledge necessary to pull other women along and WE are a passionate group of pioneers determined to disrupt the way women are empowered today! The organization was founded in 2018 and had a mission to empower women to be their best selves! 


As an organization, we will consistently focus on 5 pillars:


-The HEALTH of a She E.O.


-The WEALTH of a She E.O.




-The CAREER of a She E.O.




We believe that we are better together! Time out for women thinking that we are each other’s competition! Time out for thinking that we can’t all be successful, beautiful and supported! We are so much more impactful when we recognize and value what each one of us brings to the table! 


Every year, the Founders of She E.O. will passionately work to bring the organizations vision to life. Our code of ethics or moral compass if you will, is our Movement Pledge. Please see below!



The Movement Pledge


I pledge to lift my sisters up and not tear them down with my words.


I pledge to cover my sister when she is vulnerable or hurting.


I pledge to be my sisters cheerleader when I see her winning or when she needs a pep talk.


I pledge to praise deserving women, even when it’s not returned.


I pledge to find time for self-care. For when I am not at 100%, I can’t give 100% to my sisters.


I pledge to ask for help when I need it and to not be so easily offended. 


I pledge to be a mentor and take others on the journey with me.


This is the Movement, our Movement. By us and for us! We pledge together that we are each other’s community not our competition!