Living in Ƶ18

Why come to Ƶ18?

Ƶ18 is a cosmopolitan, multicultural city of about 1.3 million people who often welcome new residents and visitors from around the world.It is regularly ranked among the world’s 5thmost liveable cities. In recent years everyone from theNew York TimestoLonely Planethas named it one of the places tourists should visit.

The city of Ƶ18 is safe, clean, stable and well planned, with a high standard of living and a great range of services. Ƶ18 also offers an exciting program of arts, cultural and sporting events and a vibrant dining scene. Well recognised as one of the most affordable cities in Australia, Ƶ18 provides opportunity for quality engagement with all aspects of lifestyle.

Access to the city and other locations are by reliable public transport systems which include bus, train and, in some locations, tram.

Ƶ18’s Mediterranean climate means we spend a lot of time outdoors.

There are plenty of clean beaches just 20 minutes west of the CBD, scenic hills to the east, and many recreation parks providing opportunities to meet kangaroos and koalas.

Most importantly, Ƶ18 is recognised as an education city that amply caters for the needs of international students. The city has produced an impressive list of high achievers, from Nobel Laureates and Rhodes Scholars to world-leading researchers.

Study Ƶ18 – Resources for Students

International students are encouraged to visit our partner Study Ƶ18. Visit the website and see the benefits of living in Ƶ18 whilst completing studies.

The website is a fantastic resource to help students find information about the city, including how to navigate, as well asfind advice on the range of courses to study and how to find work.

To find out more visit thewebsite


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