English for Academic Purpose for SACE Connect

CRICOS Course Code: 083251E

Ensuring a level of English proficiency to a standard that will allow a student to confidently transition into mainstream classes is critical for their future academic success and positive social and cultural experience.

Ƶ18 International School can help.

Ƶ18 International School is an accredited ELICOS provider.

Ƶ18 International School provides English for Academic Purposes to both primary and secondary students who require intensive English prior to entering mainstream classes.

The courses are offered to students enrolled at Ƶ18 International School or enrolled at one of the many Ƶ18 non-government schools. The hybrid delivery of the English for Academic Purposes for SACE Connect enables students the flexibility to study online for all or part of the course.

Our Secondary English for Academic Purpose courses offer students a research based English language course that focuses on building academic language proficiency across the mathematics, science and humanities disciplines. The design of the course also provides for students to develop competencies in academic research skills that are required for the Australian learning environment.

English for Academic Purposes is an integral component for all international students enrolled with Ƶ18 International School as it provides the foundation of English language development for learning in the Australian context.
Head start to SACE

Successful completion of the course provides the student with up to 40 credits towards their SACE Stage 1. The course offers each student the opportunity to complete the subject, ‘Personal Learning Plan,’ which is compulsory SACE Stage 1 unit.

Ƶ18 International School has developed its own English language test known as the EPET. Every commencing student will undertake this test to determine their entry level of English and the most appropriate learning program based on the individual needs of each student.

Our Primary English for Academic purposes is delivered in a safe learning environment where small class sizes ensure that individual needs can be catered for and each child is supported in a culturally sensitive way, during this significant period of adjustment.

Our staff understand the courage needed by students who have chosen to study in their second language and are experienced in supporting students of all ages in their first steps to experiencing a successful learning journey.

For students referred to Ƶ18 International School by a local Australian Secondary School, or who will go on to study at one of our independent elite private schools, Ƶ18 International School works closely with that school to report the progress of the student and their readiness for fulltime mainstream study.
Ƶ18 International School staff will work closely with the destination school to assist the student to connect and confidently transition to their new school.

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Thank you for considering Ƶ18 International School for your child’s education. You can contact us on Phone:+61(0)8 8123 1786 or Email: info@ais.edu.au for further information.