Our Staff

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Shaun Oakey

MScDUC Micropalaeontology UCL UK, BSC – Geology (Honors) Plymouth UK, PGCE Southampton University UK and MBA Education Keel University UK

Principal, AIS

Currently, as a researcher at the University of Ƶ18 in values education, Shaun is a leader in the field of student care and the development of student relations. He has over thirty years of experience in secondary education and has taught in prestigious schools in England, Scotland, and Australia. He gained his teaching qualifications from Southampton University and entered the teaching profession in 1993, working as a teacher of Geography in a large multicultural school in Hampshire. He migrated to Australia in 1997 where he taught Geography at Woodlands School, Ƶ18 before moving briefly to Thomas More College. In 2000 he joined Pembroke School and was soon promoted to lead the Geography Department. He also worked briefly at St Leonards School Scotland as a boarding master and at St Peter's Boys College teaching Geography before joining Prince Alfred College as their Dean of Students. Here he was instrumental in developing the pastoral structures in Character Education before accepting the role as Deputy Principal and subsequently as Principal at AIS.

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Zara Philips

Diploma in Teaching (University of South Australia) and Bachelor of Applied Science in Natural Resource Management (Ƶ18 University)

Director of Teaching and Learning and SACE Coordinator

Zara has more than 15 years of experience teaching in both middle and senior schools in South Australia and the Northern Territory government and independent school sectors. She has expertise in curriculum design and the IBMYP, SACE, and Cambridge curricula. Zara has taught specialised subjects including English (Cambridge, SACE, and IB MYP), Humanities (IB MYP, ACARA, SACE) and Science. She has contributed to educational projects focusing on improving and delivering curriculum content and assessment with NAPLAN, the Australian Government Quality Teacher Program, and the International Baccalaureate. At AIS, her skills in designing EAP courses, assessment and reporting provides the foundation for quality outcomes for our students.

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Joseph Koszegi MTeach, BSc, GCREd

Daily Organiser and Operations Manager

Joseph is an experienced Science teacher with 13 years of experience teaching Year 8-12 Australian curriculum. He has taught a range of subjects including General Science and Mathematics (ACARA), SACE Stage 1 and Stage 2 Biology, and SACE Stage 1 Stage 2 Scientific Studies. He has a Bachelor of Microbiology and Immunology, a master’s in teaching, and a Graduate Certificate in Religious Education. He has been a world traveller and enjoys discovering diverse environments and cultures on each travel adventure.

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Sally Xu

Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) with a Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences.

SACE Teacher

Having undertaken her senior secondary studies as an international student at Norwood-Morialta High School in Ƶ18, Sally has a personal appreciation of the challenges our international Having taught in students face. Following her successful completion of the SACE Sally went on to graduate from The University of Ƶ18 with a Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) with Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences. She has taught senior SACE Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics at Pembroke School and St Peter’s Boy’s College before joining AIS as a key member of staff in 2022. In addition to her role as Head of Mathematics, Sally has taken on the role of managing the Wellbeing program at AIS and is a member of the senior executive team. She brings a wealth of knowledge to support the learning journey of international student and can connect at a personal level with the students on this common experience.

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Maliza Huang

Bachelor of Teaching and Arts
Grad Certificate in TESOL

SACE, EAP & EPET Teacher

Having studied her final 2 years of schooling in Australia, with English as her second language, Maliza has an innate empathy for her students as they negotiate their learning in their second language. Maliza is a native speaker of Spanish. After completing her secondary schooling, Maliza studied for a Bachelor of Teaching and Arts at the University of Ƶ18. She has been employed at Ƶ18 International School as a specialist language teacher for over 8 years. Maliza specialises in teaching the AIS English for Academic Purposes to secondary school students preparing to enter mainstream education at one of Ƶ18’s prestigious independent or catholic schools. Maliza also teaches Year 11 English as an Additional Language (EAL) at AIS.
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Jing Liu

Bachelor of Education Chinese and Mathematics specialisation University of South Australia
Master of Science / Bachelor of Engineering Hua Zhang University of Science and Technology. China

EAP & SACE Teacher of Mathematics

Jing joined AIS as a highly qualified and proficient teacher of Mathematics. She has over 25 years of experience, teaching in various government and private schools across Ƶ18. With extensive roles in teaching international and domestic students, Jing is highly adaptable, adjusting her teaching to the individual learning needs of her students. Jing works closely with students and their families to ensure our students at Ƶ18 International School meet the compulsory Mathematics SACE units in the South Australian Certificate of Education. She is a dedicated and caring professional who gets personal satisfaction from watching the successful outcomes achieved by her students. Jing is a key member of staff at AIS taking the duties as a WHS officer (level 4) in addition to her teaching roles.
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Sarah Nayagam

Master Degree Physical Education- Specialisation: Sport Psychology
Master of Education- Major in TESOL

EAP Middle Years Teacher

Sarah joined the staff at Ƶ18 International School in 2022, taking on the responsibility of delivering our EAP Middle years course. Prior to undertaking her Master of Education studies with a speciality in TESOL Sarah taught in several international schools, mainly in Physical Education. Sarah enjoys the challenge of developing the language skills of students and gains her professional and personal satisfaction from seeing their proficiency develop to the level where they can enter mainstream and study successfully with English as their second language.

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Vincent Hermann

Bachelor of Arts/Science, Graduate Diploma in Education, Master of Education, CELTA, DELTA, TAE

Humanities Teacher

Having taught across both primary and secondary settings and at the university level, Vincent brings valued experience to our teaching team. He has taught in regional and metropolitan settings in both the independent and public sectors. Vincent has also taught internationally, notably in Japan, and is fluent in Japanese, Chinese, and German. He has also worked as a Boarding Master at an Ƶ18 Boarding House for international students. Vincent’s personal interests align strongly with the values of our school. He is a committed life-long learner with interests ranging from languages and culture, reading, dramatical performance and enriching the life experiences for people living with a disability. Vincent brings over 14 years of experience to the academic team. His commitment to the language development and positive experience for our AIS students underpins the positive relationships and support he gives to his students.

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Joel Ruffino

Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science; Mater of Teaching

EAP / SACE Teacher

Joel is an EAP Science and SACE Nutrition teacher. He is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher who brings a great energy to his lessons that drives the desire to see successful outcomes for all his students. He likes to create an engaging learning environment and focuses on connecting the subject concepts to real-world examples. His goal is to empower students to thrive academically and personally. Joel connects with his students using humour and a genuine concern for their wellbeing which builds a strong sense of belonging for those students in his care.

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David Bentley

PE Teacher and Co-ordinator of School Sport

Dr. Bentley is an accomplished educator with extensive experience at both secondary school and university levels in Australia and overseas. His career in the sports industry has spanned the UK, Europe, and Canada. He has a PhD in Exercise Physiology and a Master in Teaching (Secondary (HPE/Science). He is passionate about promoting physical activity and health via all forms of sports and activities.

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Annie Kwong

Bachelor of Education and Economics

Business and Accounting Teacher

Moving to Australia from Hong Kong to study as an international student Annie graduated from University with a double degree in Teaching and Economics in 2022. She commenced her teaching career as a relief teacher gaining experience in a number of schools during 2023. Annie was appointed to AIS in 2024 to teach classes in Business Innovation, Mathematics, and EIF. Having studied in her second language, Annie understands the specific needs of her international students and is dedicated to supporting them as they adjust to their new learning and cultural environment.

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Aria Tang

Bachelor's Degree in Teaching (Secondary) and a Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences.

Math Teacher and Learning Support

Aria is an enthusiastic secondary school Mathematics teacher with well-versed content knowledge in Mathematics aligned to the Australian Curriculum and SACE. She is committed to cultivating an engaging learning environment and empowering students with a strong foundation in Mathematics. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Teaching (Secondary) and a Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences.

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Mai Tran

EAP, PLP, and Vietnamese Teacher

Mai is a young dedicated and self-motivated graduate teacher with extensive theoretical knowledge and language proficiency. She has a Master Degree in Teaching (Secondary) with a Bachelor of Arts in Languages. She prioritises continuous professional development and holds certifications in First Aid and Mental Health First Aid to support the well-being of others. As a native speaker of Vietnamese, she offers language and cultural understanding support to our Vietnamese students on arrival and throughout their time at AIS.

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Maree Maney

Dip T, BEd Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

SACE Teacher

Maree is a passionate, committed teacher who has extensive experience teaching domestic and international senior school students and adult learners. She has worked in TAFE, and across all sectors of secondary education; Catholic, Independent, and Government Department schools. Her expertise in her subject areas have been acknowledged in her roles as a SACE moderator and marker, and subject coordinator in a large independent school. Maree holds a Diploma of Teacher and a Bachelor of Education (Mathematics/Business) as well as many other qualifications including a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Maree provides a warm and welcoming classroom environment and draws on her experiences outside of the classroom to engage students. She has established several small businesses, developed software for schools, and is a qualified sports trainer and an avid runner. Maree has travelled the world running marathons and is one of a small number of South Australian women to be awarded a World Abbott Six Star Marathon medal.

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Angela Tomarelli



A passionate language teacher with a background in teaching French as a second language in Canada and Australia, and English as a Second Language in France. Angela has been involved in research in Higher Education for several years and collaborated with Flinders University to create student wellbeing programs while teaching Literacy topics to pre-service teachers. She has a bachelor’s degree in education (Secondary Schooling) and Languages (French, Italian, EALD).

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Natalie Milne

Teacher and Coordinator of English Language/Linguistics

Natalie’s area of expertise is in linguistics. In Scotland where she trained as a Primary and additional needs support educator she was privileged to work with a range of students across the primary and secondary curriculum. Her specialised role was to provide support to students to acquire the English language proficiency levels required at the primary, secondary, and examination stages. Natalie uses data-driven diagnostics to provide tailored individualised intervention programs. She has a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Inclusive Practice and Primary Teaching and a Bachelor's Degree in Adult Nursing.

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Amatus Budiharto

Indonesian Teacher

Amatus has been teaching Indonesian as a foreign language for 40 years in Indonesia, Australia, and America; and taught English as a foreign language in Indonesia. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Education (TEFLIN) from IKIP Sanata Dharma Teachers Training College, Indonesia; and a Master of Education Studies from the University of South Australia.

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Dr Armen Vartanov


Armen is a competent and skilled ESL / EFL professional in the ELICOS and TESOL sectors and a university lecturer with more than 10 years experience working in tertiary education. His main fields of interest supported by his credentials in Intercultural Communication and Methods of English as Foreign Language Teaching. Armen has a bachelor degree in teaching English and German as second languages and a PhD (Education) in English as Foreign Language Teaching.

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Rosie Broderick

DipT, BEd, Graduate Certifacte Science Education, Master of Education

Business Development Manager, Ƶ18 Independent Schools Alliance (AISA)

Rosie has extensive experience as a secondary teacher and school leader. Prior to joining AIS, Rosie was the Director of Studies at St Dominic’s Priory College and then more recently, a member of the senior leadership team at Wilderness School. At Wilderness Rosie was the Head of Boarding and International Recruitment. Rosie is currently engaged at AIS as the AISA Business development manager. In this role Roise works closely with many of Ƶ18’s most prestigious independent and catholic schools to transition our EAP students to mainstream courses following the successful completion of their English for Academic Purposes course at AIS. She is passionate about the value of intercultural relationships and works closely with agents and international students and their families in Ƶ18 and overseas.

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Catherine So

Bachelor of Commence

Student Support Officer - Admissions

Catherine is originally from Hong Kong, and moved to Australia to complete her high school years as an international student. On completion of her school Certificate (SACE), Catherine studied for a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of South Australia.
Prior to commencing at AIS Catherine held several roles relating to education/ finance. Her role at AIS is pivotal in ensuring the admission and induction of our students happen as seamlessly as possible. Catherine is fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin which offers support to both the students and their parents on their arrival to AIS and as an ongoing care. She is committed to working closely with international families to help them access an Australian education.

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Thank you for considering Ƶ18 International School for your child’s education. You can contact us on Phone:+61(0)8 8123 1786 or Email: info@ais.edu.au for further information.